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About Maxim

Maxim Inter corporation Co., Ltd. [Maxim] was registered on January 20, 1977 as a distributor for eye-care products such as soft contact lens and contact lens care solutions. Maxim was the first company to pioneer soft contact lens products into Thailand, and subsequently other soft contact lens accessories.

Maxim is committed to educating and training technical personnel within the industry in the area of contact lens fitting in order to broaden opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists' perspective and perception of the soft contact lens products and industry, as well as to increase their awareness of the advancement of the technologies in this area.

In 1986, Maxim began the expansion of its business line into pharmaceutical products. After its extensive search for a suitable, capable and reliable distributor for its world-renown products, ALLERGAN Inc., a highly and globally reputable pharmaceutical company, appointed Maxim to be the sole distributor of its products in Thailand. Since then, Maxim began its new business line through the distribution of quality pharmaceutical products such as medications for Glaucoma treatment, eye-infection treatments, severe dry eye treatments, etc.

Maxim's growth had just begun. In the year 1989, the company pioneered and introduced intra-ocular lens into Thailand and began its long strenuous process of training ophthalmologists in various institutions in this product and its advantages to patients suffering from Cataract. New technologies in intra-ocular lens have since been discovered and developed, with patients benefiting from higher quality intro-ocular lens products, less cases of infections and shorter recovery time after the surgery.

By this time, Maxim's reputation has reached far and wide within the industry around the world. As a result, manufacturers of quality eye-care products world wide have sought out Maxim to distribute its products in Thailand. Allergan Inc. also contracted Maxim to distribute BOTOX (Botulinum Toxin) in Thailand. BOTOX is a very well-known therapeutic product commonly used for various cosmetic procedures. As such, the product has since become exceptionally popular within the entertainment and cosmetic industries in Thailand.



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